The Playing Conditions for First Class Cricket as they relate to matches will apply, with the following exceptions:


1             The League

1.2          The league shall be divided into two (2) divisions as stipulated below.

1.3          Division ‘A’ consisting of Eight (8) teams and Division B Nine (9) teams.

1.4          Both Divisions will play two (2) rounds on a round robin basis.

1.5          At the end of the two rounds, the bottom placed team in Division ‘A’ will automatically be relegated to Division ‘B’ and the winner in Division ‘B’ will automatically be promoted to Division ‘A’.

1.6          The top 4 Clubs in Division ‘A’ will compete for a champion’s trophy on knockout basis.

2           Clothing and Equipment: In all matches, players shall wear colored clothing and equipment approved by UCA.

3           Sight Screens: Sight Screens shall be black.

4           The Ball: White balls shall be used. One new ball shall be used for each innings.

5           The Pitch: Pitch Penalties: The regulations in the 2003 ICC Playing conditions shall apply as they refer to 1-day pitches.

6           The Bowling, Popping and Return Creases: Additional crease markings to guide the umpires for the calling of wides on the offside shall be marked in white at each end of the pitch.

7           Innings: The match will consist of one innings per side each innings being limited to a maximum of 50 overs. No reserve days are allocated for any matches.

8           Hitting up” Teams are required to observe Ground Authority regulation and exercise utmost care and caution when engaging in practice and pre-match warm-up and “hitting up” activities so as to avoid the risk of injury to members of the public, damage to the centre wicket region and square.

9           Number of overs per Bowler

9.1          No bowler may bowl more than ten overs, however, in a delayed start, or interrupted match, where the overs are reduced for both sides, or for the side bowling second, no bowler may bowl more than one-fifth of the total overs allowed (unless such a number has been exceeded before the interruption), except that where the total overs are not divisible by five, an additional over shall be allowed to the minimum number of bowlers necessary to make up the balance.

9.2  When an interruption occurs mid-over and on resumption the bowler has exceeded the new maximum allocation, he will be allowed to finish the incomplete over.

9.3  In the event of a bowler breaking down and being unable to complete an over, the remaining balls will be bowled by another bowler. Such part of an over will count as a full over only in so far as each bowler’s limit is concerned.

10  Toss: This MUST take place at least 15 minutes before scheduled start time of match or, in a delayed start; at least 15 minutes prior start time as decided upon, by the Umpires.

11        Nominations of players

11.1       Scheduled start time of match shall be taken as the time the match is programmed to start as advertised in fixtures, or as advised by the Association in writing, not withstanding any natural cause for delays.

11.2       The Captains shall hand over the team list of their 11 players to the opposite captain and the umpires at least 20 minutes before the scheduled start time of match.

11.3       A minimum of 9 players shall take on to the field.

11.4       A maximum of 3 foreign based players who are non citizens shall be allowed in a team for a particular game and Clubs intending to use foreign players shall inform the organizers about this. Details of the players shall be submitted to Uganda Cricket Association four (4) days prior to the game.

12        Fielder absent or leaving the field

12.1       If a fielder fails to take the field with his side at the start of the match or at any later time, or leaves the field during a session of play:

12.2       The umpire shall be informed of the reason for his absence, and he shall not thereafter come on to the field during a session of play without the consent of the umpire. The umpire shall inform his colleague.

12.3       If he comes 30 minutes after the start time or after 8 overs have been bowled he will not be allowed to take part in that game neither as a substitute nor as a twelfth man and  NO SUBSTITUTE will be allowed to take the position of the late comer.

12.4       If the batsman is not present at the time of submitting in the list to the umpires, he shall not be permitted to bat unless or until, in the aggregate, he has returned to the field and/or his side’s innings has been in progress for at least that length of playing time for which he has been absent or, if earlier, when his side has lost 5 (five) wickets.

12.5       If the player is absent from the field for longer than 8 minutes, the player shall not be permitted to bowl in that innings immediately after his return not until he has been on the field for at least that length of playing time for which he was absent.

12.6       If the player has suffered an external blow (as opposed to an internal injury such as a pulled muscle) whilst participating earlier in the match and consequently been forced to leave the field. Nor shall it apply if the player has been absent for very exceptional and wholly acceptable reasons (other than injury or illness).

12.7       In the event of a fieldsman already being off the field at the commencement of an interruption in play through ground, weather or light conditions or for other exceptional circumstances, he shall be allowed to count any such stoppage time as playing time, provided that he personally informs the umpires when he is fit enough to take the field had play been in progress.

12.8       Substitute fielders shall only be permitted in cases of injury, illness or other wholly acceptable reasons. ‘Wholly acceptable reasons’ should be limited to extreme circumstances and should not include what is commonly referred to as a ‘comfort break’.

12.9       Note: Squad members of the fielding team who are not playing in the match and who are not acting as substitute fielders shall not be required to wear a team training bib whilst on the playing area (including the area between the boundary and the perimeter fencing). In the match except as substitute when so allowed by the Umpire.

12.10   This rule will apply even if the start of the game is delayed for any reasons.

12.11   No player shall play for more than one Club in any one cricket season. At the end of the season, players shall be free to transfer to any club on condition that he is doing so in the same division that his team has been playing from.

12.12   Any team(s) contravening the above rule shall forfeit all winning points and any bonus points to the other team for that particular game.

13        Start of Play; Cessation of Play

Hours of Play

Morning session:                            1030Hrs - 1400Hrs

Afternoon session:                          1445Hrs – 1815Hrs

13.1       Play may continue after that time i.e. up to 1830Hrs, subject to conditions of ground, weather and light, until the required number of overs has been bowled or a result achieved.

13.2       Any team that fails to show up at the ground where they are meant to play from 20 minutes after the scheduled start of time and it will have not sent communication to the organizing and games committee, shall concede a walk over (only the winning points shall be awarded).

NOTE: Umpires are not part of the Organizing Committee.