Lugogo Oval

Premier Vs Patidar - 9:30am

Wanderers Vs Premier - 3:00pm

Kyambogo Oval

Avengers Vs Kutchi Tigers - 9:30am

Avengers Vs Africa CC - 3:00pm

Budo Oval

Ceylon Lions Vs Aziz Damani Development Team - 9:30am

Kutchi Tigers Vs Strikers - 3:00pm

Jinja Oval

Challengers Vs Jinja SSS - 9:00am

Challengers Vs JACC - 3:00pm

In today’s fast-paced world, most people are starved of time and don’t have the luxury of spending an entire day watching a full day’s worth of cricket. A typical T20 game lasts only about 3.5 hours, around the same time as watching the first five episodes of Jack Bauer being himself in the series 24.

For many who don’t like to sit and watch the game for 100 overs in an ODI or for 5 days in a Test match, T20 is an excellent alternative to get their fill of cricket. The time factor of the format is also good for getting first-timers, who may not have the patience to watch for long, take to cricket and start enjoying the game.

Every year, Ugandan cricketers and fans alike look forward to the shorter version of the game and all the excitement it brings with it. As such most cricket followers love to see plenty of explosive hitting and a bunch of 4s and 6s. The barrage of boundaries gives an adrenaline rush to everyone watching.

This year’s T20 competitions, dubbed as the Unimoni Men’s National T20 Cup will start on Sunday the 21st of October with as many as eight games with 12 teams participating. While some teams will play twice on the day, others will have a single fixture.

The tournament will run until the 9th of December with the final showdown taking place in Lugogo between the best two teams. This weekend will see action on all the ovals of Lugogo, Kyambogo, Budo and Jinja.


For many players, a chance at redeeming poor playing stats accrued over the long grueling games that came with the 50 over format, beckons. And to the various clubs, victory and a chance to take on an opponent from another division either becomes appealing or daunting.

The appeal of Twenty20 is simple: it is cricket—staid, old-fashioned village-green cricket—on speed. At its best, batsmen hit 4s and 6s at will, bowlers deceive them with swing and spin, and the value of each run means that fielding is frequently jaw-dropping. The 2018 Men’s T20 cup is here and it is here to excite the fans and players alike with plenty of action cutting across all ovals.