By Faith Munezero

Aziz Damani v Tornado Bee


Entebbe oval

The 2017-2018 season of the Jazz Safari National League will come to a close this Sunday at the lakeside oval with the final game between Aziz Damani CC and Tornado Bee CC. It will be final test for both teams; for Damani to make history by finishing undefeated while Tornado Bee would possibly make their mark as the only team to have beaten the league heads this season.

The Bees have had the least success of the two, winning only half their games and with seeing a slump in the last three games that did not help matters. However, they should not be underestimated. The last fixture was an easy win for Damani but the Bees will have to ensure that it will not be the case this weekend by taming the early wickets spell.

Aziz Damani will be in high gear this time round after a two weeks’ rest, with their on-form stance that’s dominated the league. They will want to keep up the winning streak if only for the prestigious title of the unbeaten champions. With the table standings remaining unchanged, the two will be competing for bragging rights this weekend in a finale that will draw the curtains on a rather exciting league as the T20 tournament is being ushered in.