CEO Ondeko plots new dawn

 With cameras flashing, Martin Ondeko and Justine Ligyalingi shook hands as Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) chairman Bashir Ansasiira watched on.
It may have appeared ordinary between two but it carried more weight for the gentleman’s game.
That moment at Copper Chimney in Lugogo on Friday officially ushered in Ondeko as new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for UCA for the next three years, replacing his former boss Ligyalingi.

“I feel very excited and honoured to be chosen as the third CEO of UCA, taking over from a gentleman who has seen it all,” Ondeko opened up at his unveiling in company of Ansasiira, Ligyalingi, UCA Board Member Hanumant Katkar and CEO Recruitment Committee representative Elly ‘Sober’ Mukasa.

“Filling his big shoes will be very challenging. But as a person who mentored me, I believe that the foundation you have left behind, we’ll be able to move forward,” Ondeko said of Ligyalingi.
Emotional, right? Ondeko had served as the interim CEO ever since Ligyalingi called it quits after eight years of service in February.
Before that, Ondeko was UCA Operations Manager, a position he had held since 2013. Prior, the former U-19 batsman had served as Administrative Officer since replacing Allan Ssematimba in 2009.

Turning 33 on July 16, Ondeko becomes the youngest CEO and he must now beat the big weight of expectation from the fraternity. “Increasing commercial value of UCA through bringing in sponsorships as well as growth in performance of both men and women’s national teams will be basis for measurement of my job performance,” he vowed.

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Ligyalingi bows out as CEO

For nearly a decade, Justine Ligyalingi has been the face of Uganda’s cricket. He has seen it all. 
But on Monday, Ligyalingi officially resigned from the position of Chief Executive Officer at Uganda Cricket Association (UCA).
“I have done two terms, that’s eight years and it’s time to move on,” Ligyalingi told this paper hours after his exit email streamed to the media.
He had held this position since 2010. Here, shaped the sport in thick and thin and was at the fore front of hosting different championships at the local, regional and international level.
Not to forget, Ligyalingi was a key figure in Uganda’s recent successes such as the 2011 ICC Africa Twenty20 Championship on home soil as well as the 2017 ICC Africa Women’s T20 tourney in Zimbabwe.
“Its given me lessons, requiring things to work with in real time, managing multiple complex stakeholders, but at the same time an experience that I am grateful about.”
“We have achieved together as a team. And I am very glad to leave at this stage where UCA is looking very bright and moving to a higher level. Cricket has made me what I am and I am happy to have served.” added the 47-year-old.
Ligyalingi, who had held the position of assistant general secretary of National Council of Sports (NCS) prior from 1998-2010, did not resign in email though. Ligyalingi, a wicket-keeper batsman back in his heyday, sent out a document advertising his former job, confirming keys decisions that came through from the recent UCA AGM.
The meeting agreed to find a new CEO, who will now administer the sport in a crucial spell where the senior men’s national team - the Cricket Cranes - is seeking promotion from the ICC World Cricket League Division Four.
Promotion from this tournament due April 28 - May 5 in Malaysia could enhance the support UCA receives in terms of grants from international body ICC.
But to become UCA CEO, one must have in-depth knowledge on the local game and international connections within the sport.
Daily Monitor understands that three individuals are candidates for the vacant job. 
They include Martin Ondeko, who has served as UCA Adminstration and Operations Officer since 2009.
“I haven’t heard about that yet,” Ondeko said when contacted about the job. “I haven’t decided yet (about applying).” the Nile Cricket Club batsman added.
Jacob Muddu, a player with Africa Cricket Club, is another in the race for the job as well as teammate Slyvester Rokani.
“Ha ha ha, I am a cricket lover, always be and will,” Muddu stated when asked about his interest for the job.
“It would be nice to serve cricket in any capacity, player (which I currently am) or manager.” the man who first learnt about the game at Busoga College Mwiri in 1996.

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