The rapid spread of cricket in Soroti made it inevitable for UCA to atleast have a representative from the Soroti Region at the finals of the Girls Cricket Week. Since then Olila High School has made it a habit to represent the region. 

Under the tutelage of the Soroti Cricket Academy Olila High School has made it to the semi finals of the last two editions and they remain a force to reckon with. The regional qualifiers in Soroti had four participating schools Olila High School, Light SSS, Kamuda Parents and Echos SSS. 

All four teams were fighting for the single slot reserved for the winner, while the second best team would have to face the 4th placed team from the Eastern Region in a play off. 

The experienced Olila High School made light work of its opposition winning the regional crown with Light SSS finishing second. Light SSS took on Lords Meade in the play off defeating the Jinja based school to qualify for the main event. 

As the game keeps growing in the teso region, from the single team that used to represent the region there are now 2 sides. Both Light SSS and Olila High  dont just come to make up numbers the latter has reached the semi finals for the last two editions and Light SSS have also been worth competition. 

Esther Ilukor will be the player to carry Olila High School, she recently made her debut for the senior national team on their tour to Tanzania and her experience will be invaluable for her side.