CWB To Visit Gulu, Lira And Masindi During Autumn Visit

Cricket Without Boundaries (CWB) is a UK based charity dedicated to helping, educating and developing local communities around the world through the spread and growth of cricket. The group will be arriving in the country on the 20th of October 2019 and depart on 1st November 2019. Since 2005, CWB has partnered with Uganda Cricket Association in Teacher Coach Training and coaching of students/pupils in several districts in Uganda.

The CWB team will be visiting Masindi, Gulu, and Lira, where they will conduct training of Sports Teachers and coaching of pupils/students. The training will cover a total of 43 schools (30 primary schools and 13 secondary schools). This is CWB’s second visit this year (autumn project) with another visit to follow early next year (spring project) and emphasis will be on improving the coaching skills of the teachers, introducing many young boys and girls to the sport, supporting some schools with basic equipment, and relaying HIV/AIDS awareness messages.

Continuing the great work already accomplished in Uganda is hugely important to CWB and Uganda Cricket Association. The CWB goals are simply - being able to pass on to as many pupils/students as they can the opportunity to learn about and enjoy the amazing game of cricket, to introduce the game to so many who would not otherwise get the chance and lastly, to wrap that all up with a reinforcement and enhancement of the ever-more critical awareness of HIV/AIDS.

The CWB team comprises of the following:

  • Mark Campbell                     Project Leader
  • Lee Booth
  • Liam Simpson                          
  • Tom Munson                     
  • Nick Holroyd
  • Rob Munson
  • Lucy Holroyd
  • Sarah Evans
  • Taruna Bhagtani



Prepared by;

Denis Musali

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